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  • You can call me Sid, Sidster, Sidonculous, His Sidness, The PreSIDent, Sidyphus, Sidarina, and Stinky-Pete.

  • Getting kicked out of family events and dates for talking about quantum mechanics too much counter: 8 times (2017-Present)

  • I moved around a lot all my life and had the pleasure of seeing most parts of India before I moved to the United States. Some of the places -- oustide of New York -- I have lived in are: Varanasi, Bharatpur, Shimla, Guwahati, Delhi, and Pune with brief stints in Wellington, Shillong, Kolkata, Coonoor, Mumbai, Bangalore, Mysore and Kashmir.

  • I absolutely love traveling and exploring different cultures. I'm also very fond of trekking, cycling, and campfires.

  • Here is my blog where I write about (mostly whimsical-sciencey) things. Also, find me on Twitter and Instagram!


Some of my all time favorite artists/bands are: John Mayer, Pink Floyd, alt-j, Bruno Major, Easy Wanderlings, Switchfoot, Joey Pecoraro, and The Beatles.

I'm also very fond of classical music ~ the likes of Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Handel.

Here are some videos of me covering some of my favorite songs. Leaving these here for posterity!

Ocean (part 1) - John Butler

Stop this train - John Mayer

Drifting - Andy McKee

ode to a sunny day - Blackstratblues

Ocean (part 2) - John Butler

Emoji of a wave - John Mayer

Wish you were here - Pink Floyd

Neon solo - John Mayer

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