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Hey there! I'm Siddharth, a software engineer and researcher, living in New York. I'm currently at Amazon Web Services and work on the AWS SDK for JavaScript. I completed my Master's in Computer Science at Cornell Tech where I spent a lot of time thinking about the future of The Internet and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Previously, I worked on research in the areas of AI and Physics, on topics such as image captioning, meta-learning, AI safety, spacecraft design, and neutrinos among others. I also dabble into areas such as genetics, longevity, and energy and climate sciences (I've previously worked on developing renewable energy systems in rural India, for which I was awarded the Rotary Youth Leadership Award). At Cornell, I also focused on graphs and networks for machine learning, computer vision, and designing data products. I'm also interested in applying digital tools for artistic practice (check out \Art at Cornell Tech!).

Although my training has been that of a (rather rigorous) scientist, I enjoy hacking and creating things that others might enjoy. In that vein, I'm extremely interested in technological businesses, especially ones engendered out of scientific breakthroughs. You can find some of my work and activities on this webpage. Feel free to get in touch with me!


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