So much to do, so little time to do it.


  • Presenting our work on "Deep Learning for Automated Image Captioning" at Smartcom 2021 (also available in Springer LNNS). We'll talk about Encoder-Decoder frameworks, Neuroevolution, and Attention-guided mechanisms. (Work with Yash Chaudhari, Yash Damania, and Parul Jadhav).

  • We're (virtually) presenting our work and a small tutorial on using satellite images (in Python) at PyCon India 2020 on 2nd October 2020.  (Work with Yash Damania, Yash Chaudhari, Raghav Gaggar, and Shrirang Karandikar).

  • My interview with 'In Conversation With India'.

  • Our work on using AI to transition towards clean energy in Africa (Work with Omdena, RA365, and the World Energy Council).

  • Our work in the newspaper: "Creating a 'space' for themselves" (Neutrino Detectors & NSSC).



Siddharth Srivastava

Hey there! I'm Siddharth, a final-year undergraduate student in Computer Science and Engineering at Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune, India. I'm also a Harvard (HPAIR) Scholar and Delegate for Energy and Sustainability.

Broadly, I spend my time thinking about how to model intelligent behavior algorithmically (and algebraically!). My roots in the sciences also span across Physics and Bioinformatics. Here are more details about my research.

Outside of the lab, I spend a lot of time reading (my book recommendations), writing, and playing the guitar. I also teach Science and English to underserved children (mostly around Pune).

If you want to get in touch with me (regarding my research or anything else) -- drop an email, I'd love to hear from you!